As women, we tend to think we are not enough as we are. Add homeschooling into the mix and our list of not enoughs now includes neither smart, nor patient, nor educated enough to homeschool.

The thought of homeschooling conjures up fears that we may fail; we may disappoint our families, we may hinder our children’s chances of success.

We look at brave homeschooling moms and think they are smarter, better educated, and have it more together than we do.

The other night a friend showed me a clip of her nine-month-old baby trying to imitate her mother’s expressions. I looked into the baby’s eyes as I watched the video and the intense alertness that I witnessed, the acute observation of each facial move in her mother’s face, was fascinating.

The baby wanted to know how to make the same faces her mother was making, and she was trying to understand how to do this by conducting a scientific investigation.

It’s the intense desire to know that all healthy children possess, yet what happens to their curiosity as they grow…

How Much Does a Father Really Matter?

We recently celebrated our annual day of dedication to fathers, but the truth is that if you have a man in the home, who also happens to be the father of your children, please count your blessings every single day of the year!

Tragically, too many children are growing up without fathers today, which is a detriment to their well-being and society’s well-being, because a father in the home does matter very, very much.

According to the 2020 U. S. Census report, 20% of children now have an absentee father in the home…

Would Beethoven be Beethoven if he had been born in another time, another place, and to a family with no musical talent?

Would Tiger Woods be Tiger Woods if he hadn’t grown up playing golf from a young age and been surrounded by golfers?

Would the Polgar sisters be the Polgar sisters if they hadn’t grown up immersed in the world of chess and first-rate chess players?

To all of the above, the answer is unequivocally no! Genius doesn’t happen in a vacuum; no, it is bred. Anyone savvy enough can raise a genius.

“Everyone is born a genius, but…

The number of public school students who learn online has grown exponentially during the past decade. Private businesses like K-12 have been contracted by the government to provide an education for these virtual students.

Now with the Corona Virus in full bloom, the virtual world is bustling with young children sitting in front of computers, instead of classrooms. Bill Gates must be pleased. So must Mike Milken.

It’s a major coup on the American people who are pumping their tax dollars into the hands of these large “educational” conglomerates, but that’s another story.

The Question

The question to ask now is this…

The answer is homeschooling parents.

If you’re homeschooling, pat yourself on the back because you’re making a huge contribution to society, and possibly to the world.

Let’s look at the facts:

Public-Schooled Children

1) Schooled children are more likely to grow up to be poor readers in the sense that they don’t have the skill to read the kind of literature that many first-hand sources demand of us.

When many homeschoolers educate their children using primary sources such as The Federalist Papers or the Declaration of Independence and public-schools teach their students using tertiary sources in the form of textbooks, well, the…

Superman could not have conquered all that a woman with young children has to overcome in a day.

So why do we set superwoman expectations for ourselves?

If you have a child under the age of two, and you’re reading this, take it from someone who’s been there. My exact thoughts after my first month of being a new mother were, “This is a short cut to insanity!”

You will never be able to accomplish as much as you did before you had your baby, and sometimes you may even find it difficult to take a shower or brush your…

Teaching your children to follow their passion sounds promising, but when you reflect on the word passion, you realize it’s a misnomer. We don’t actually want our children to follow their passions.

What Is Passion?

Passion is the state of experiencing a strong or uncontrollable emotion according to the dictionary. Babies follow their strong, uncontrollable emotions. Mature people do not.

They follow their reason.

You won’t find meaningful pursuits by following your passion. On the contrary, such a goal requires that you keep your passion in check.

When we use a word like passion in the wrong context, and then we elevate the…

The Practice

A strong memory is the foundation of high intelligence. Having young children to memorize rhymes and poetry is an excellent way to develop their memories and their intellects.

Once they are in the formal years of instruction, you can have them memorize wise maxims and worthy passages from different books too.

Children who are raised with the habit of doing memory work will become accustomed to it, and not shy away from it when they’re older. Young children particularly love to memorize anything, so this is the prime time to do memory work with them.

“Let us not then lose…

We’ve got happiness down to a science now: a fulfilling marriage, a tight-knit family, supportive friends, and meaningful work.

(A tall order, possibly?)

There is one element, though, that’s more vital than the others; it’s the element of a loving family.

You may not have the most dynamic marriage in the world, you may not have the most fulfilling work, you may not even have a lot of supportive friends, but if you’ve got a solid family, you have a haven of people you love and who love you and who’s company brings you comfort.

“The strength of family isn’t…

Elizabeth Y. Hanson

Teaching parents how to give their children an elite education at home; admirer of all things classic.

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